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How to make a fintech story stick - and why romcoms may just be your best guide

Last week, I attended the Fintech Is Femme Founders Summit as part of TECH WEEK by a16z. Who would have thought that storytelling would be the red thread connecting all sessions? It's like when Dom Dolla plays girl$. Music to my ears. 

In B2B, we move fast in an often crowded market, competing for attention to build credibility.

CEOs and investors vehemently stated that storytelling transcends being a mere tool; it’s an indispensable art form to grab mindshare. And let’s not forget: if you don’t craft your narrative, someone else will.

So, what makes a story stick in #fintech (and beyond)? Here are a few soundbites to tie it all together.

🎬 A good story is like a rom-com. It’s comforting, relatable, emotional, and hopeful. And mostly, you get what you expect!

🎬 Like every romantic comedy, it has a villain who serves as an obstacle the hero must struggle to overcome. Identify the hero and his/her why and how. Be audacious and personable when you craft your entry point to the industry.

🎬 Remember the screening. And, when seeking sincere feedback, make sure to convey it so that it passes the mom test (very few people will call your baby ugly). Or, when figuring out product-market fit, use the optometrist test.

How are you making your story count?


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