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Embracing change in B2B marketing: what's in and out for 2024

Most of us probably already know that there is no Staples marketing button that says: That was easy.


However, with a significant shift from traditional methods towards more adaptive, data-driven, and customer-centric approaches, we have to acknowledge that B2B marketing is evolving faster and more drastically in 2024 than ever – which may mean making some brave decisions.


So, what should you be thinking of? How can you embrace change and lead this evolution?



  • Contextual Advertising

  • Brand building

  • Original, authentic content

  • Qualified buying groups

  • Community management

  • Non-traditional media and emerging platforms

  • Executive thought leadership



  • Traditional PPC ads only

  • Traditional demand generation

  • AI-generated content

  • Marketing qualified leads

  • Templated, transactional campaigns

  • Pay to play

  • Product focused marketing



We’d love to hear your thoughts! How are you evolving your B2B marketing strategy and tactics in 2024?


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