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Unlocking AI's potential in 2024: innovative marketing and PR strategies for fintech & tech players

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Welcome to 2024! According to Forrester, next year, agencies will bet big on “brand-specific” AI models. Its recent report, Seize The GenAI Opportunity — And More — In 2024, predicts that the top 10 agencies will spend $50 million in partnerships to build custom AI solutions for enterprise clients. Forrester goes on to state that marketers will become privacy champions and that generational differences will alter B2B buying preferences.

Regardless of company size, how can you embrace AI in PR or marketing and unlock its value? Here are just a few ways we have used AI to shape our fintech and tech customers’ brands, fuel demand, and pave the way for a seamless transition into a cookie-less era.

  1. Hyper-target audiences. We dove deep into user data, online habits, and social insights with AI. By tapping into these algorithms, we were able to craft highly targeted ads that reached the right audience and resonated better, resulting in higher conversion rates and optimal ad budget use.

  2. Reach and engage audiences without cookies. With the might of machine learning tools like Page Context AI, we were able to target niche categories and reach users who were presently thinking about such a specific topic—allowing ads to interplay with our audience's mindset. Earned content was able to shine next to great content on relevant websites, creating unique user experiences.

  3. Redefine accountability. Drawing insights from customer data, market trends, and media consumption patterns, we were able to devise laser-focused messages, identify opportunities for earned media coverage, and measure the impact of our efforts accurately. We're not just talking about measuring the ripple effect of PR activities. It's about evolving communications with measurable results, aligning these closely with marketing objectives, and taking public relations, or performance communications as we like to call it, to the next level of accountability and audience precision.

  4. Predict crises before they occur. AI doesn't just react; it anticipates. By keeping a pulse on social chatter, news bytes, and more, we were able to spot potential PR storms, enabling swift, preemptive responses.

  5. Craft engaging narratives. From presentation designs to creating immersive experiences, AI has been our silent partner. Whether it's automating design elements, ensuring optimal user experience, or aiding in color and font choices, AI's touch has helped us elevate the end result.

  6. Predict and measure customer sentiment. Ever wished for a magic mirror to gauge customer sentiment? AI-powered tools have helped us scrutinize feedback across platforms, offering us a deep dive into brand perception. These insights became the bedrock for identifying brand advocates, shaping strategies, amplifying positive sentiment, and addressing concerns head-on.

As we continue our AI journey, we’ll continue to refine our approach and evolve our use cases. In our next blog, we’ll dive a little deeper into the tools that have empowered us.

We're curious - how have you integrated AI to elevate your marketing or communication initiatives? Share your insights in the comments!

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