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A New Era for Public Relations

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

A new era for PR

Now is an exciting time to be in public relations (PR), as it embraces new technology such as AI and machine learning. Once the ugly stepchild in the Martech landscape, PR players like Trendkite are now taking the helm and changing the game. Trendkite’s recent merger with Union Metrics and Insight Pool has led to the launch of digital PR, enabling professionals to demonstrate direct ROI while incorporating great UX design. We’re excited to see Trendkite leading this change and see other PR companies make this transition into the digital realm.

Why is this change important? It means less guesswork and more efficiency with PR campaigns; more time to focus on the quality of content rather than stress over the outcome. It’s results-driven, and the results are successful - clients have been so pleased with the reports generated that they’ve even labeled them as ‘board material’. Now, that’s impressive! 

As PR makes the uphill trek into the modern world, there are bound to be some misconceptions. We found Trendkite’s latest blog post ‘The Press Release: 3 Truths and 3 Myths’ and thought: we couldn’t have said this better ourselves! We look forward to seeing what innovative tools Trendkite and other platforms roll out next.

What PR innovation or tool have you found to be invaluable? Email us for more info.

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