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5 reasons why we partnered with StackAdapt

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

At RISE- we’re all about leveraging smart technology to help our clients achieve their goals and multiply their market impact. This is exactly why we’ve decided to partner with a demand-side platform (DSP) called StackAdapt.

Read on to learn what programmatic advertising is, how it helps you build a long-term sustainable funnel and why we opted for StackAdapt.

What is programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising uses sophisticated technology for media buying. It’s a process for buying advertising space that is automatic, rather than the traditional process which is typically manual. Programmatic media buying uses data insights and algorithms to serve ads to the right users at the right time, and at the right price.

There are many different channels and formats that marketers can leverage in programmatic advertising, but some of the common ones are native, display, audio, video, and connected TV (CTV). And, it’s possible to use a mix of complementary channels with a multi-channel strategy. A multi-channel strategy increases the percentage of the total target audience that you can reach, and it helps you to craft a brand story throughout the entire customer journey.

The benefits of programmatic advertising

How do you deliver volume of leads or sales to meet growth requirements? The B2B buying process has always been complex. Traditional lower funnel tactics no longer suffice for achieving your bottom line. With buyers conducting research online anytime, anywhere and any way they want, SEM, ABM and walled garden strategies need a boost.

Also, how to drive awareness to a niche audience that cannot easily be targeted on the Google Display Network (GDN). The challenge is exacerbated by how well you are doing on the SEO front. Unless you are, the probability for the ad to perform well over Google Ads is diminished, and if it doesn't have a good organic reach, Google Ads will suffer.

To help our clients build long-term sustainable funnels and reach niche audiences, programmatic advertising seemed like a smart solution so we decided to run a pilot on StackAdapt’s DSP, which was recently named the number 1 DSP on G2.

To clarify, a DSP is a digital campaign platform that provides advertisers features for buying ad placements online in real time. The right DSP will support the distribution and promotion of content using data-driven audience targeting.

Based on the initial pilot, there was a clear return on investment (ROI). With a goal to increase its brand awareness, the client’s web traffic quadrupled during the campaign. Whereas before the drop-off rate was significant, visitors spent significantly more time on the site, visiting a higher average of pages for a longer time, making for an engaged audience.

Throughout the process, we were also impressed by how knowledgeable the StackAdapt account management team was – and remains. It was clear that the StackAdapt platform was the kind of technology that would drive the innovation and results that we are always striving for at RISE-.

The five reasons why we partnered with StackAdapt

In addition to the outcome of the pilot, here are five more compelling reasons why we decided to partner with StackAdapt.

  1. StackAdapt supports planning, execution, and analyzing campaigns. The StackAdapt platform is packed with features that support campaigns from start to finish. With forecasting, you’re able to better understand how your campaign is going to scale and perform before spending at all. Then, you’re able to execute your programmatic plan across an ecosystem of programmatic channels including native, display, video, CTV and audio. Once a campaign is live, you can track the metrics that are most important, and look into site transparency, geo performance, audiences and more.

  2. StackAdapt leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are the foundation of the StackAdapt platform. When used together, they are incredibly powerful because of the speed and scale of data processed. AI engines allow human insight and intervention to guide the way in campaign execution. At the time of the bid request, machine learning helps to predict the likelihood and fraud, and ensure that the auction is bidding on a real audience.

  3. StackAdapt enables us to leverage multiple ad exchanges and supply-side platforms. StackAdapt provides access to native, display, video, CTV and audio inventory. Through partnerships with over 40 exchanges, StackAdapt provides access to over 50,000 sites and apps. This large selection creates more opportunities to reach the right audiences, in the right moment.

  4. StackAdapt enables us to reach tailored audiences. It’s possible to leverage audience segments in StackAdapt to find hyper relevant users for campaigns. There are many ways to find the right audience, including targeting people reading about a particular topic or competitor on the web, during or after their visit to a physical location, or people using mobile devices. It’s also possible to upload proprietary first-party CRM data into the platform in near real-time, or access a catalogue of third-party segments from data intelligence providers. Ultimately, this allows for highly customizable audiences.

  5. StackAdapt provides a dedicated account team. The team of experts at StackAdapt is enthusiastic, collaborative, and knowledgeable. And, StackAdapt provides internal research tools as well. Having access to this support will help us access and analyze unique insights, develop inspiring pitches, and deliver world-class programmatic campaigns.

We’re thrilled to partner with StackAdapt for our programmatic campaigns. Watch this space as we roll out more campaigns and find new applications.

Have you used a DSP before? Want to give programmatic advertising a go? Email us.

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